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  Concrete Countertop Forms

In 2005, we began to explore the prospects of integrating plastics and EPS into the Decorative Concrete Industry, specifically with Concrete Countertops.

Since then, we have filed 4 patent applications on new processes and products for the Concrete Countertop Industry. While we have only introduced products from 2 of the applications to date, the next generation of forming products being introduced in 2009 will amaze the industry again! 

Our Products:

NEW! DIY Form Kit as featured in This Old House

•Form Rails   

•Base Material

•Casting Mat  READ THE STORY.

•Accessory Molds -VIEW PRODUCTS

•Single Use Sink Molds

•Re-Usable Thermal Form Sink molds


The  the use of forms using EPS coated with a polyester coating combined with the same material used as a “Base Material” which produced a glass smooth finish. The system provides a "Polish-Free" surface when removed from the mold when properly assembled. Labor is reduced by 80% while the quality of the finished product is far superior to product poured on Melamine or any "White Plastic" surface.

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